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CONGRATS, Lee & Diane Silkowski!

We are so happy to welcome to our family, Lee and Diane Silkowski. The Silkowski’s are new to Savannah Lakes Village, having bought our spec home, “The Cassidy!” If you see them out and about, say HI! You will fall in love with them! Great friends, Wonderful neighbors!! Lee and Diane, WELCOME HOME!!

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Lee Builders Spring Dinner

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017, Lee Builders held our Savannah Lakes Village Spring dinner at the beautiful home of Nancy and Joe Kiernan. The evening was perfect for an outdoor gathering, and The Lee Builders family was 90+ strong in attendance. Our newest members, Tom & Pam Barchi, Mark & Rita Farley, David & Lynn Flom, Berry & Ping Habib, Lorie Sigmon, & Bill & Nancy Swanson were recognized, with a special congratulations going out to Berry and Ping who will be married this Friday, May 5th! The food was delicious, the fishing tales were big…..and then a little bit bigger, and the fellowship was AWESOME!!

Thank you so much, Nancy and Joe Kiernan for opening your home and hearts to us!! We love you!

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GORGEOUS! SPACIOUS! DETAILED! PERFECT! These are just a few adjectives that can be used to describe the new home of Mr. Rick and Mrs. Margaret Mills. These two have been very involved every step of the way, and have made building their home a pleasure. Savannah Lakes Village is very lucky to have them as part of this community, and Lee Builders is very lucky to have them as part of our family! WELCOME HOME!!

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We LOVE our Spring Flom’s!

We absolutely adore all of our clients. Each with their own personalities, they keep us on our toes. These two are no different! Meet David & Lynn Flom. We affectionately call them Lynn & “Squirrel!” Not only have they found their home in South Carolina from New York, but they are involved in EVERYTHING, and are very active in the community! Today, they came “bee-bopping” to the office on their bikes, in this GORGEOUS weather! WE LOVE IT!!! We had a great chat, shared candy & stories, and just enjoyed their company. If you haven’t met them, you should! If you see them around, introduce yourself. You will immediately have great new friends!! Also, if you’re reading this….come see us too! We love any occasion to enjoy a good conversation with friends. It might also involve candy! *hint *hint

Flombike2 Flombike3


THANK YOU, Pro-Draft

A HUGE shout out to David McArthur, and his team at Pro-Draft house plans for surprising us with these specialty Lee Builders cookies, congratulating us for our Builder of the Year honor. We absolutely would not be receiving this without Pro-Daft’s awesome plans! Thank you, David! These were almost too pretty to eat! *ALMOST*


Lee Builders Honored

Saturday, March 18th 2017, Lee Builders was honored to have been chosen as the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year.  We are so proud of Clay and Beth for leading our awesome team/family. Their dedication is not only to their business, but also to the communities in which they serve. Even though their schedules are packed with work, they always find time to help others. From LC Pop Warner, LC Cotillion, PTO, ALL other sports, and church, their giving is immeasurable. Clay and Beth, along with Carrie (“The Glue”), Floyd (“The Machine”), Suzann (“The Cog”), Tyler (“The Go-Get’er), & LeRoy (“The Conveyer”), work tirelessly to continue to grow Lee Builders, and are so appreciative of this award!

(Tyler Cole and LeRoy Bolton not pictured)

Lee Builders BOY

~Meet Lexi~

This is Lexi! Lexi’s parents are currently having their home built by Lee Builders.  Lexi comes to see us from time to time, like when plumbing fixtures have to be picked out along with roofing, doorknobs, and hinges… know…..the not so exciting stuff! Today, after all the boring stuff, Lexi said a little prayer for us! Is this not the SWEETEST thing you’ve ever seen? She has her own little bed! SWOON!!!! Lexi is not only ADORABLE, but she also has a very important job, as she is a certified therapy dog. She loves to visit nursing homes,retirement homes, youth groups, and anyone who may just need a happy boost! Boy does she brighten our day! We hope this picture of her praying will brighten your day as well!

WE LOVE YOU, LEXI!!! (We love you too, Rita & Mark)

Lexi Praying

Southern Charm

It’s not too often that we get a tour of the inside of a home after it’s built. In this case, the homeowner is not only one of our favorite clients, but also a close personal friend…….real family… if he DIDN’T send pictures or invite us over, we may not have been so willing to share our cupcakes and cookies with him!! We play hard ball!  He happens to own a quaint little antique/home decor market in Lincolnton Georgia (112 Mainstreet Furniture and Home Decor,  for those who will be emailing me later! Also, you can ascern what the address is by the name, so go give him a visit!) His shop is full of beauty and charm, so it would only stand to reason that his home is a showpiece as well. I’ve always thought of his house as the “Southern Living Charm of Georgia!” It’s absolutely ADORABLE!!! Take a look at these pictures, shared by our very own Nicky Smith. We LOVE you, Nicky! THANK YOU! Your cupcakes and cookies will be there in a few!! Go ahead get the sweet tea ready!

Nicky1 Nicky2 Nicky3 Nicky4 Nicky5 Nicky6 Nicky7 Nicky9 Nicky90 Nicky91 Nicky92

Congratulations, Barr Family!

Lauren, Eric, & Little Jake! Welcome to your absolutely stunning new home! This is truly one of our favorite home designs, and we are sure Mr. Jake is going to have lots of fun growing up here! We are so excited to welcome you as part of our family! We can’t let it go without saying a very special “Thank You” to Lisa Bush from Meybohm realty for helping make this process easy peasy!! AWESOME!!

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Welcome, Santos Family!

There’s no place like HOME! Congratulations, to Carroll & Pris Santos. Our newest family members and owners of a gorgeous, new Lee Builders home! The kitchen has WOW factor built right in. Their choices couldn’t have been more perfect, and the TOWEL WARMER! OHHHH, that towel warmer!! YES!!! Carroll & Pris, beautiful couples like you deserve a beautiful home like yours. WELCOME!!!