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Oh what a night! A night that almost wasn’t! Our “Organizer in Chief”, Carrie Phillips was on her third, and thankfully, FINAL day as a jury member, (EEEEKKKKK) but in true fashion, Mrs. Joanne, and Mr. Jim Staggs were right there to reassure us that it was all OKAY! Not only did they cook, and set up, they also very graciously let us use their home for the evening. We can NOT thank them enough!! After a hectic, slightly stressful day, Carrie welcomed our newest Lee Builder family members, and led us in a prayer before dinner was served. The weather was perfect, the fellowship was fun, and we even had our very own Accordion player, dressed in authentic lederhosen. Mr. Gary Klein, you were AWESOME!  I can’t let this post drag on without mentioning the desserts. OH MY!!! Thank you to those who baked! WOW WOW WOW!!! Enjoy the pictures! We know how to have FUN!!

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The Falter’s from McCormick

In 2014, we built our beautiful new model home in Savannah Lakes Village. It has seen a lot of traffic since that time, and we have re-created this house a few times (with custom tweaks of course). One, bright sunny day, this sweet couple from Pennsylvania came in asking to take a tour. We handed them the keys, and told them to look at everything at their leisure, and enjoy. They immediately came back, and asked us if they could have first right of refusal when we decided to sell. Of course, we said yes! Over the next three years, this same couple, The Falter’s from PA, would come back ever so often, grab the keys, and would enjoy. Enjoy deciding where their furniture would go, and how it would feel to enjoy a cool breeze while having lunch out by the fire pit. (Which they did! WE LOVE IT). Now, as of about three weeks ago, they are the Falter’s of McCormick, instead of the Falter’s from PA! We are SO HAPPY to have these two with us full time. Congratulations Larry & Janet! Now you can invite us over for lunch out by the fire pit!


Barry & Ping! WELCOME!

During their first meeting, they were living in New Jersey, and newly engaged. By the time we broke ground, these two had packed up their belongings, and along with their fur baby, Lilly, moved south! A LOT has happened since that day. They are now, Mr. & Mrs. Barry Habib, they’ve witnessed the extreme hot weather of the south, managed to make it through 2 hurricanes, & a solar eclipse, all the while overseeing the building of their beautiful home. They are now all moved in, and things are settling. We are so happy to have them as new members of our family!! WELCOME HOME, Barry & Ping!

Habib1 Habib2 Habib3 Habib4 Habib5 Habib6 Habib7 Habib8 Habib9 Habib90 Habib91 Habib92

Welcome Farley Family

This family won our hearts when they first walked through the front door. They had a plan, and they knew exactly what Mrs. Rita wanted, and on Friday morning, Sept. 8th, we handed them the keys to their new home. If you remember, in a previous post, Mr. Mark & Mrs. Rita are the parents of a precious baby doggy named Lexi who prays! She has her own little bed, and says her own little prayers. She also loves to visit the nursing homes with her mommy, and oh the love they spread!! Welcome Home, Mrs. Rita, Mr. Mark, Lexi, and other babies!! It has been our pleasure, and we think you’re AWESOME!!!

Farley1 Farley2 Farley3 Farley4 Farley5 Farley7 Farley8Lexi Praying

She’s pure JOY!

Congratulations on your GORGEOUS, PRECIOUS, new Carriage House, sweet JOY! If this is any indication of what the main house is going to look like…..HOUZZ better get ready! It’s going to be showstopper!!! If ever any one’s name truly fits their spirit, it’s you!! We love you, Joy!!!

And1 And3 And4 And5 And7 And8

Fab Flom Friday

Today, Lee Builders, designates this day as “FAB FLOM FRIDAY!” Welcome David (a.k.a. Squirrel) and Lynn Flom to the neighborhood.  These two are the best, and so fun! This is their very first home build, and I’d say we all did a dang good job!! CONGRATS, Floms! We love you!!! Remember, you must still come visit on a regular basis! We have your coffee….and NUTS!!

Flom1 Flom2 Flom3 Flom4 Flom5

Congrats, Byrne Family!

If you’ve ever “pinned” your dream home on Pinterest, shopped for your perfect “Houzz,” or swooned over Shiplap, believe me, you’re going to LOVE this one! This sweet couple, Chuck and Ashton Byrne have other jobs, but I do believe they could give Chip and Jo a few pointers!! Can I get an AMEN? After we turned over the keys to Chuck and Ashton, and left them to set up housekeeping for themselves and their precious 2 year old, we rode back by to find a tiny little John Deer tractor on the front porch! OH the sweet memories yet to be made! Chuck, Ashton, & Rhett, THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to be a small part of your story! We love you guys! We will be over soon for “Tea’n See!” *hint *hint  (We sooo made that up!)

Byrne1 Byrne2 Byrne3 Byrne4 Byrne5 Byrne6 Byrne7 Byrne8 Byrne9 Byrne90 Byrne91 Byrne92 Byrne93 Byrne94 Byrne95 Byrne96 Byrne97 Byrne98 Byrne99 Byrne990 Byrne991 Byrne992 Byrne993 Byrne994 Byrne995 Byrne996 Byrne997

Welcome, Clum Party of Two!

Congratulations to Harold and Katie Clum on their gorgeous, new, custom, Lee Builders home.  We fell in love with this couple from the get-go, and we know you will too. If you see them out and about, stop and introduce yourself! GREAT new friends! WONDERFUL new neighbors! SWEET new addition to our growing family!!

Clum1 CLUM2 Clum3 Clum4 Clum5

Congrats, John & Susie Hinkel!

This sassy couple, moved into their new home TODAY! As you can see in the pictures, this house is WOWWWW!!!! I mean, take a look at that backsplash……and that chandelier in the closet!!! Mr. John and Mrs. Susie, we are SO HAPPY to have you as part of our family!! We can’t wait to see all the decorations…..including the toothbrushes! haha!!! WELCOME HOME!!!!

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